Saint Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart


174715 July - Birth of the Saint.
174716 July - Baptism.
1754First Confession at age of seven.
175623 November - enters boarding school.
17579 February - Confirmation at age nine.
175715 August - First Holy Communion at age ten.
1757Her father Ignatius becomes her spiritual director.
1761Don Peter di Cosimo Pellegrini becomes her spiritual director.
1763September - Anna Maria hears the words: “I am Teresa of Jesus, and I want you among my daughters.”
17648 April - She returns home from boarding school.
176415 July - Anna Maria’s seventeenth birthday, she tells her parents her desire to enter Carmel.
17641 September - She arrives at the Carmel of Florence.
17654 January - She completes her four months’ postulancy.
176511 March - Her clothing.
176612 March - Her Profession.
17667 April - Taking of the veil.
176728 June - She receives the grace of “Deus caritas est”.
1767Fall? - Beginning of her Dark Night.
1768Spring? - Father Ildefonse becomes her regular Confessor and Spiritual Director.
17707 March - Death of the Saint.
177031 March - Burial in the monastery crypt.
1839Decree of Heroic virtues - Pope Gregory XVI.
1929June 9 - Decree of beatification - Pope Pius XI.
193419 March - Canonization - Pope Pius XI.