From Her Act of Oblation

“... my God, I do not want anything else other than to become a perfect image of You and, because Your life was a hidden life of humiliation, love, and sacrifice, I desire the same for myself. I wish, therefore, to enclose myself in Your loving Heart as in a desert in order to live in You, with You, and for You this hidden life of love and sacrifice. You know indeed that I desire to be a victim of Your Sacred Heart, completely consumed as a holocaust by the fire of Your holy love. And thus Your Heart will be the altar upon which I must be consumed, my dearest Spouse; You will Yourself be the priest Who must consume this victim by the fire of Your holy love.”

“How confused I feel to see how blameworthy this victim is, O my God, and how unworthy to be accepted by You as a sacrifice; I feel confident, however, that everything will be reduced into ashes by this divine fire. I do not propose, O my God, to have any other motive in any of my actions, whether they be exterior or interior, than love alone; I shall check myself in this constantly by recalling that I must strive to return love for love.” Apparently here she referred to the care which she would take to acquire pure love. She realized that she could attain it only by God’s working within her: “I abandon myself completely to You so that You alone work in me according to Your designs: there is nothing that I want except what You want.” Later on she felt that she must repeat this abandonment once more: “I have abandoned my free will to You so that henceforth You alone will be the possessor of my heart and Your holy Will the rule of my actions. I desire to love You with a patient love, a love dead to self - that is, a love which completely abandons me to You; an active love; to sum it all up, a solid love with no division within itself and which will stand regardless of what may happen.” Page 45.

These excerpts are taken from From the Sacred Heart to the Trinity.